Things to Care for when Planning Your Own Funeral

No one wants to leave this earthly life. But we all know that death is certain. We all have to die one day. It might be today or some days after. Arranging one’s funeral has a price. So it is better to arrange the cost of your own funeral before you close your eyes forever. Thus you will no longer be a burden to your loved ones. You have done what you could for your entire life and this might be the last favor you are doing to yourself. When thinking about planning your own funeral you need to realize that this is something wise and this will make you happy.


Some people might think this is awkward but this actually a wise man does. There are a lot of costs associated with a funeral. From the coffin to the flowers you need to think about all the small things. Here are some common things to notice when planning your funeral:

Coffin: Coffin is the most important thing. You might not think but this the most important thing as you will lie down on this. And as a part of honor to your deceased body, you cannot think about the money here. If you are not financially well of then that is another issue. But if you have enough then you need to arrange a coffin made of good quality woods.

Cemetery Cost:The cemetery has a cost for the deceased people. This cost is not very high but there is a cost. And also you need to plan before because of the availability of space.
Staff Cost: The staff cost is important. There will be people for the funeral who will dig the grave and complete the other tasks on behalf. These people charge a small amount of money. But every little thing matters when you are planning something.

Administration Cost: The administration cost of the community or municipality should be considered when planning a funeral. If you are planning to do something, plan with perfection.
Transportation: The coffin is carried from the service area to the graveyard with a special car. Also usually a limousine is arranged for the family persons. If you have enough money then you can arrange transportation for other people too.

Headstone: Headstone is the most important thing. You need to have a big portion of your budget for this. This will be the mark of your grave for a long time. If you spend on this your name will be intact for a long time. If you are financially well off then you should spend some money on the headstone. You will find different types of headstone in the funeral stores.

Printing Cost: There will be printing costs for invitation cards. So it is better to take this into consideration.

There are some other costs too like flowers. It is wise to have an insurance for thefuneral. If you do not have one then you might plan your own for yourself.

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